Formal Complaint Filed By Prop 11 Supporters

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 28, 2008

Supporters of Proposition 11 have filed a formal complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission—which is the state’s campaign finance watchdog.  They name Senate President Pro-Tem Don Perata and the California Correctional Peace Officers Association.  The union that represents prison guards gave a committee controlled by Perata more than a half-million dollars in recent contributions.   The complaint alleges that money is meant to fight the measure that would change the way political districts are drawn in California. Derek Cressman is the West Coast Regional Director of Common Cause which supports Prop 11.

“The way that this money was funneled it avoided some immediate disclosure and the timing I think is highly suspect…”

Cressman says the money was given as prison guards seek the state legislature’s help with a pay raise.  Spokesman Lance Corcoran for the Correctional Peace Officers Association says there’s no connection between the contributions and the union’s efforts seeking a new contract.  He says the complaint is “ridiculous”.