Cats In City Shelter Get High-Tech Cages

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hector Cazares heads the city’s Animal Care Services. He says the new housing units are made of a material used on kitchen countertops. Cazares says they’re not only aesthetically pleasing – which leads to more adoptions…they’re easier to disinfect. 

"At the shelter we visited that has this Corian product, their cat adoptions increased by about 60%. Their disease was reduced by around 90%."   

The money for the new cages was already earmarked in the animal shelter’s budget. But critics say the expenditure comes at a bad time in the wake of recent layoffs and budget cuts. 

Shelter officials say they’ve been swamped with cats in recent months. On average, they’ve been euthanizing about 230 kittens and cats a month.