Med Fly Quarantine Over

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 18, 2008

When we met Nigel Walker last year at his organic farm in Dixon, it was a low point, as he strolled past tomatoes rotting on the vine. He couldn’t sell them because of the quarantine.

"It's best not to look... because all I see is money on the floor..."

In the end Walker says he took a sixty-thousand dollar hit—in additional costs and crop losses. Walker owns EatWell Farm. He delivers organic produce to customers and sells it at a farmer’s market.  To comply with the quarantine and resume sales, this year he had to use an expensive organic pesticide.

“I didn’t have to spray the whole field, I had to spot spray in a pattern, through the field, so a squirt here, and a squirt there as I walked through the field which was time consuming but it enabled me to sell my tomatoes…”

All that under the watchful eyes of state and federal ag officials. He says not a single med fly was found on his property. He’s relieved it’s over.  Despite the financial hardship of the quarantine, Walker says he was able to make a little money.