Budget Vote Scheduled

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 14, 2008

Democratic Assembly Speaker Karen Bass has scheduled a budget vote for Sunday afternoon.  Lawmakers are expected to consider a largely Democratic spending plan, which includes billions in new income taxes.  Republican Assembly Leader Mike Villines says there are no Republican votes for that plan – and he doubts the two parties can strike a deal by Sunday:

“No, there’s not time to put it together and we’re just not close enough on any form of compromise.  I mean, they’re not compromising.”

However, Villines welcomes the floor vote on the Democratic plan.  He says after that public debate leaders can hopefully move forward with a compromise.  A major sticking point has been Republican insistence on limits to future state spending – known as a spending cap.  That would need voter approval, and the deadline to put a new measure on November’s ballot is Saturday.  However, lawmakers say there’s still some wiggle room with that date.