Public Meetings Scheduled After Study On Racial Profiling

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Sacramento Police are reviewing their internal policies…after a new report finds the department may be guilty of racial profiling.  
Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo has apologized to victims of racial profiling.  And, the police department says it wants to hire more minority officers and offer additional community outreach programs.
Among other things, the data show that police pull over double the number of black drivers compared to non-african-americans.  But, the numbers show that black drivers don’t receive twice as many tickets as other drivers. 
Community activists say the report released this week proves what they’ve suspected a long time…that African American drivers are common victims of racial profiling in Sacramento.  They want that to change.   
Meantime…Reverend Ashea Odeye has some advice for African American drivers who are pulled over on Sacramento streets…
“Look over your shoulder and keep your pad and pencil with you.  That way when you get stopped you can put down the officers name…the day and the time…and what happened…” 
There are two upcoming public meetings on racial profiling this week…including one tomorrow night in Oak Park and another on Friday in Meadowview.