Awkward Time for Sacramento Pay Raises

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 11, 2008

Almost every city employee got a raise when the new fiscal year started last month – on average, four percent.  But only the city council has the power to give pay bumps to the four charter officers: the city manager, city attorney, city treasurer and city clerk.

Treasurer Russ Fehr recently got appointed, so he’s not up for a raise yet.  But on Tuesday, the council will decide whether to give the other three the same four percent raise just awarded to rank-and-file staffers.  The three raises combined would total just $21,000.
But the vote comes at an awkward time.  Facing a $58 million budget deficit, the council made major cuts to every department this year – including rotating closures at fire stations.  And with next year’s deficit set to be even larger, more cuts – and layoffs – are likely on the horizon.