Stockton Coach Takes Team To Beijing Olympics

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 8, 2008

A coach with ties to Stockton will be a part of the opening ceremonies  of the olympic games in Beijing tonight.

Ryan Brown is an assistant coach with the men’s water polo team.  He’s a graduate of the University of Pacific in Stockton.  Brown has been in China for more than a week preparing the team as it competes with 11 other countries for the gold medal… 

“We’re ranked ninth in the world, however we’ve beaten the top ranked team, croatia…so we’ve beaten some of the top teams…but we’ve also lost to them in the past.  We’re right there…I wouldn’t say there is one particular rival…but we have some key, important games coming up…we open against China and that’s an important game…” 

Brown says all 13 players with the water polo team went to college in California.  He says the Chinese have been very welcoming to the U-S team.  He says his players have have been able to do a little sightseeing…including a trip to the great wall and Tianamen Square.  This is Brown’s first Olympics and he’s looking forward to tonight’s opening ceremonies…

“It’s the symbol of the Olympics and of course one of the great things is the athletes get to walk…and it’s going to be an incredible feeling walking.  Our head coach…Terry Scrhoeder…has been to five Olympics now and he’s told me over and over how great it feels…and I really can’t wait…”

Ryan  Brown is a coach with the men’s water polo team, speaking to us from Beijing.  The team plays China on Sunday, and then faces Germany and Italy next week.