Calling the Governor's Bluff?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 8, 2008

Put yourself in Governor Schwarzenegger’s shoes for a second.  He threatened no more bill signings.  Now the legislature’s sending him a high speed rail bill that updates the 10 billion dollar bond on November’s ballot.  Advocates say it will give the bond a better shot at passing.  And Schwarzenegger supports it.  His dilemma: If the Governor doesn’t sign the bill today the changes won’t make the ballot. So, will be make an exception?  Press Secretary Aaron McLear says no:

“As he said at the press conference, there are some good bills that won’t get signed.  And he understands that.  He knew that when he made this announcement.”

Pedro Morillas is with CALPIRG – a consumer advocacy group that supports the high speed rail bond. He’s asking the Governor to change his mind and sign the bill:

“Unfortunately, he’s punishing more than the legislature, he’s punishing his constituents and the people of CA by depriving the bond measure of having the best chance of passing.”

The bill creates more oversight for the high speed rail program and allows for more flexible spending.