DMV: Expect Longer Lines Until New State Budget

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Voice on DMV Loudspeaker: “Now serving G172 at window number 23.” 
Sacramento resident Gary Cannon came to the DMV’s Broadway field office this week for the second time in two months – this time, to register his motorcycle.  He found a longer wait than he expected.
Cannon: “I came here June 12th for my driver’s license and it took me 10 minutes.  This took 45 minutes.” 
DMV director George Valverde says that’s what Cannon and other Californians should expect until the governor and state lawmakers pass a budget.
Valverde: “Our wait times have increased.  Our lines have been expanded.  You’ve seen offices that have experienced reduced service levels.” 
The DMV says wait times at Sacramento-area field offices are 15-to-20 minutes longer than normal right now.  That’s because last week, Schwarzenegger ordered all executive agencies to let all their part-time workers go, and slashed the salaries of all full-time employees to the federal minimum wage.  Valverde says if at all possible, drivers should make an appointment or use the department’s website.
Valverde: “We will certainly continue to serve all our appointments.  The main area where we have some lack of discretion is on our non-appointments.” 
In fact, many DMV field offices are shutting their doors early so they can serve customers already in line before the posted closing time.  That’s so the department can avoid another prohibition from the governor’s office: overtime.
Also: If you’re wondering whether this month’s State Fair will be affected, not to worry: Cal Expo says its 1400 temporary employees are not subject to the governor’s executive order.