Solano County To Lift Fruit Fly Quarantine

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Solano County farmers are allowed to sell their produce with no more worries


about a quarantine for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly.  


The quarantine was announced when med flies were first found in the city of Dixon last September. 


That meant fruits and vegetables couldn’t be moved from the quarantine area in SolanoCounty unless they were sprayed or treated for the pests.


Solano County Agriculture Commissioner…Jim Allen…says the infestation is over…so the quarantine will be lifted on Friday…


“Industry and agriculture officials are breathing a sigh of relief.  It’s an important benchmark to eradicate probably one of the number one pests in the world from our area…and to prevent it from spreading even further in agriculture…”



Agriculture pumps about three-quarters of a billion dollars into SolanoCounty’s local economy each year—Although the total financial impact of fighting the fly isn’t yet known.


Solano County will continue to set med fly traps to see if the insects return.