State Workers Union Sues Governor

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 1, 2008

State workers protesting at the State Capitol turned a familiar phrase of the Governor’s against him—promising “We’ll be back”.  Earlier in the day the union representing thousands of state workers filed a lawsuit against the Governor.  Paul Harris is the legal counsel for Service Employees International Union Local one-thousand.  He says Schwarzenegger’s order did not follow proper procedures.  The suit calls for reinstatement of workers who were immediately laid off—and more.

“We’re seeking back pay for the workers who have been illegally laid off and we’re seeking a cessation for all further layoffs unless and until the Governor complies with the proper procedures for layoffs of state workers.”

The union also filed a separate legal action to block the part of the Governor’s order that reduced state workers’ pay to the federal minimum wage of six-fifty-five an hour. A spokesman for the Governor says the state Constitution and previous court decisions support what he has done.