U-C Davis Professor Critical of China's Clean Air Program For Olympics

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 31, 2008

China ’s government today (Thursday 7.31) announced another round of air  pollution control rules in preparation for next week’s Olympic games. 


But, a U-C Davis professor who’s been researching China’s air quality problems   

says it’s too little too late.


For the past month, China has prohibited  residents from driving on certain days…and required factories in Beijing to stop or reduce production in hopes of presenting clear, blue skies to the world during the Olympics. 


But, the effort has done very little to shrink the brown cloud over the city so Chinese officials this week expanded the rules to the entire Hebei province.


U-C Davis Atmospheric Sciences professor, Thomas Cahill has been researching pollution in China for the past decade.  He’s skeptical about the clean air program…


"The things they are doing right now…shutting down industries…stopping driving…things like that are draconian.  They should have been thinking about them decades ago.  If this is a bad Olympics based on air quality…if the air is just as brown as it was during the month of July…then that’s going to be a very bad black eye against the whole Chinese government…”


Cahill says the Olympics will be the first time media will be able to report on the pollution conditions in Beijing as they really exist…without censorship from the Chinese goverment.