Yosemite Still Open Despite Fire

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Park Ranger Adrienne Freeman points out that Yosemite is roughly the size of Rhode Island…so smoke from the Telegraph Fire only affects a small section of the park. 

"It’s a big significant incident going on right outside the park and so certainly there have been some smoke effects. However, if you’re up in Tuolumne Meadow I doubt you would know this is happening." 

Freeman says some visitors who were staying in park lodges left after the fire caused power outages….but she says attendance among nature lovers who like to rough it has been good. 

"The park is accessible. We have no trails closed. The folks who have come camping have largely still been coming." 

She says if you do come to Yosemite, be flexible for any possible road closures as fire crews continue to fight the blaze.