Next Move for Anti-Gang Tax Supporters?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dickinson says leaving the Sacramento region’s gang problems as they are now is simply not an option.
Dickinson: “We will have kids and families and neighborhoods pay the price for the minority of the council being unwilling to proceed.” 
So now, the measure’s backers must decide what to do next.  One possibility: go around the city and county officials who opposed the tax.  Just like all those state propositions, voters can collect signatures to force a local initiative onto the ballot as well.
Dickinson: “I think what we will do – as the supporters of this effort – is weigh and balance the advantages and disadvantage of proceeding on a Sacramento city-only basis vs. a county-wide basis and make an appropriate decision.” 
Still, the earliest such a measure could make the ballot is June of 2010.