Governor Expected To Sign Order Slashing State Salaries

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 30, 2008

As first proposed, the Order would cut the salaries of roughly 200-thousand workers to the federal minimum wage of 6.55 an hour.  It also calls for layoffs of up to 22-thousand temporary workers.  Positions related to public safety like fire-fighters - will be exempt. Jim Zamora is with SEIU Local One-thousand, which represents state workers.  He says they’re planning legal action and more rallies.  And they’ll show their anger at work, too:

Are the 200-thousand demoralized state employees going to approach their job with the same level of professionalism after the Governor signs the order cutting their salaries to minimum wage?  I expect they won’t.”

Schwarzenegger says the pay cut is needed to keep the state from running out of cash – and that he has the authority under a state Supreme Court ruling.  But Controller John Chiang disagrees and says he will not enforce the new pay scale.