Tuesday State Budget Vote Cancelled: Progress Being Made?

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 28, 2008

It sounds ironic:  A cancelled vote means lawmakers are closer to a budget deal.  But the vote was expected to be a drill….that’s when a Democratic spending plan is put up to force Republicans to vote it down.  Assembly GOP Leader Mike Villines calls the cancellation a sign of good faith:

“I think the vote would have just put us all going backwards for awhile and we know time is not on our side, so I do view it as a positive step.”

An Assembly vote was never officially called.  In a statement, Democratic Senate Leader Don Perata said he was cancelling the vote because it was clear it would disrupt the progress being made.  He did ask lawmakers to remain with 24 hours of the Capitol – leaving the possibility of another vote open.  Democrats want to balance the state’s 15 billion dollar deficit largely though income tax hikes for the rich.  Republicans oppose that. They’re holding out for budget reforms like a state spending cap and a rainy day fund.