Council Set to Vote on Anti-Gang Tax Measure

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, July 28, 2008

The city has shortened the length of the proposed quarter-cent sales tax to 15 years, down from the original proposal of 30.  That’s because council members weren’t thrilled with the long timeline when they first discussed the measure last week.
The ballot language also clarifies exactly how the estimated $16 million in added revenue could be spent: 60 percent would go to what the city calls “youth investment” programs, like job training and after-school activities, while law enforcement would get the other 40 percent to reduce gang violence.  The city says the Sacramento Police Department could add at least 50 more officers if the measure passes.
It’ll take six votes from the city council to send the proposed tax hike to the ballot.  It’s unclear if the measure’s backers have that much support.