I-5 Project Uses Roto-Rooter To Check Drains

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 24, 2008


There are a lot of plumbing trucks parked at the “Fix I-5” construction site in  downtown Sacramento.  Roto-Rooter is testing the new drainage system…and  you’ll be happy to hear--so far: NO CLOGS!   


Caltrans knew it had a major drainage problem at the “Boat Section” of interstate five for a long time and so that’s why they started the repair work.  Finally, somebody picked up the yellow pages and called the experts.  Roto Rooter technicians have been hired by contractor C.C. Myers to test the new drains.  They’re pouring water into the system and watching with video cameras.


Here’s Caltrans spokesman Mark Dinger…


“They’re lowering those cameras into the pipes and they’re checking all of the connections.  It’s really a great opportunity for the engineering staff to get a look at the new drainage components and make sure they’re all functioning”


Good News:  Roto Rooter hasn’t found any hair balls or cooking grease clogging those freeway drains. In fact, officials say the system is working very well.


The entire I-5 project is still on scheduled to be complete by early Monday morning.  But, Dinger says some late night follow-up work on the freeway will continue in downtown Sacramento through September or October…but only after midnight and he promises it won’t effect rush hour traffic.