Governor Discusses Lottery Proposal in Big Five Meeting

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Governor brought in experts to discuss his lottery proposal— it’s a plan to borrow against future lottery earnings to bring in some cash.  But Senate Democratic Leader Don Perata said it’s not a solution for this year. “But we shouldn’t throw the idea away,it’s an underperforming asset.”
Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines says the lottery plan is something to discuss. But G.O.P. members want things like a spending cap and rainy day fund. “We’re hearing now from everybody that it’s the most critical issue to our ongoing fix of our long term budget problems and you know Wall Street is watching our long term structural fix.”
Villines said the tone of the meeting was positive but no major decisions have been made by the group.  Democrats are pushing for new taxes—while Republicans have said that is not the way to go in this economy.