City, Not County to Decide Dickinson's Anti-Gang Tax Measure

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dickinson says the quarter-cent sales tax measure will raise $16 million a year to fund gang prevention, intervention and enforcement programs.
Dickinson: “The money could be used for such things as job training, community-oriented police, after-school programs, for summer programs, for tutoring, mentoring, for such things as student attendance centers.” 
And also to strengthen the police department’s gang investigations unit.
Dickinson didn’t think his fellow supervisors would support putting the measure on the ballot countywide.  He also said his polling showed city voters liked the measure more than county voters.

Still, the switch comes at the last minute.  Supervisors were originally set to weigh the measure’s fate Tuesday.  Now, it’s up to the city council at its meeting Tuesday to decide whether to put it before voters in November.