Governor Schwarzenegger Calls For Budget Deal This Week

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 15, 2008
Governor Schwarzenegger is urging lawmakers to come up with a budget deal this week. He says both sides must compromise. “The Democrats have to make the cuts necessary that we need and the Republicans have to talk about extra revenues because that’s what it needs this year…” Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill restated the G.O.P.’s stance against any tax increases. But he said he thinks a budget vote can still happen before August first. “This is a business that runs off of deadlines. And until you get to that real hard deadline sometimes you don’t get to focus on the issue you need. Hopefully we’re there, and we’ll be able to stay at the table and get this thing done.” August is when the state is expected to run into a cash shortage. Democratic lawmakers have proposed raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations to address the fifteen billion dollar budget shortfall. Republicans have rejected that plan.