Governor Calls More Guard Troops To Fire Lines

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 11, 2008
Governor Schwarzenegger is calling up two-thousand National Guard troops over the next few months to help with the already record-setting fire season. More than 750-thousand acres have burned in the more than 17-hundred fires over the past few weeks. The new troops are in addition to 400 the Governor had already requested. Schwarzenegger says the help is needed because fire season as we used to know it is over: “Because we used to have a fire season that goes from end of summer throughout the fall, but now we have fire season all year round, so we need the extra manpower and also the extra equipment.” This marks the first time National Guard troops have been used on the fire lines in more than 30 years. The Governor has requested more federal assistance, as well. California is also getting help from 41 states, Mexico, Canada, Australia and New Zealand in fighting the fires.