Prison Receiver Moves Ahead with Construction Plans

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 10, 2008
About twenty million dollars… That’s how much it will cost to kick off planning and construction of ten-thousand new medical beds for prisoners. Clark Kelso was put in charge by a federal judge after health care in state prisons was found unconstitutional. He’s chosen three companies to start designing the new medical facilities. “The fact is I’ve initiated phase one of our construction program, I’m taking a step that I can’t pull back from. We’re going forward…” Construction on the first facility will start early next year. Kelso has criticized State lawmakers for shooting down a seven billion dollar borrowing plan. That leaves how to pay for it up in the air. But Kelso says he has authority to hand the bill over to the state. A spokeswoman for the Governor says Schwarzenegger is working with the Receiver and the Legislature to make sure funding is in place.