California High Speed Rail Service Gets Initial Approval

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 10, 2008
A proposed 42-billion dollar High Speed Rail System linking major cities in California has passed another major hurdle. Last night, (Wednesday) the authority overseeing the project gave final approval to the routes the electric trains would run. When complete---the service would transport passengers from San Diego to Los Angeles—San Francisco and Sacramento---moving at speeds more than 200-miles an hour. High Speed Rail Board member Rod Diridon (Dear-ah-don) says it’s the biggest public works project ever in American history… “Not only is it a big challenge for California it’s we’re the advance program for the 11 rail corridors approved by congress for the United States so we have to do it right…” The project still needs approval from California voters on the November ballot. High speed advocates say the project would not require a tax increase with most of the money coming from bonds and federal grants. Critics are concerned the project is too ambitious and say there’s not enough money available to get the railway done.