Local Residents: Smoky Air Worse Than Heat

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, July 9, 2008

In a parking lot at the corner of Folsom and Manlove in eastern Sacramento, landscape workers Juan Rivera and Pedro Velasquez say it’s too hot, and there’s too much smoke.
Landscaper: “It’s not fair, but we do it because we need it.  We need money for live.” 
But construction workers across the street say they’re used to the heat.
Construction worker: “This is normal, every summer – gotta deal with it.  This is better than the rain, sitting at home.” 
They say the smoke is worse – because sometimes it gives them sore throats.
As for Rafael Frias, who’s waiting for a bus at the Watt/Manlove RT station, it was a ... beautiful day!
Bus rider: “I was before living in LA, and it was so different than here.  For me, it’s nice and cool.” 
At the Social Security Administration building on Folsom Boulevard in East Sacramento, electrician Jarred Rumley was finishing up some work on a light pole – with a bright orange sweatshirt wrapped around the back of his neck. 
Rumley: “Basically, you just have to drink a lot of water and protect your skin.  Long sleeve shirts, gloves, something around the head.”
Rumley said he was worried about the smoke, but he had to earn a living, so there was nothing he could do about it.
At a nearby trailer park, Maria Garcia was watering her plants.  She said she’s handling the heat just fine. 
Garcia: “I stay out for a while, then I go in and I just relax and cool off, change my clothes.  And then I come back for an hour, do what I have to, then go back in.”