Animal Shelters Full During California Wildfires

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, July 3, 2008
Very few vacancies remain for pets and livestock at crowded animal shelters in communities evacuated because of the California wildfires. You may hear a lot about shelters for people forced out of their homes as the fires spread around their communities. But, what happens to the animals? Alisha Herring is a spokeswoman with the state department of forestry. She says rural communities are scrambling to set up quarters for pets…giving the owners a little peace of mind… “They have an ability to bring their animals to a place that is safe and secure while we are out there aggressively fighting these fires. And then they know that once they return…they can go back and get their animals and return them safely to their homes…” Some ranchers and farmers in areas not in immediate danger of the fires have allowed evacuees to board livestock in their barns and corrales. These are animals that aren’t so easy to relocate…everything from alpacas and cows…to goats and chickens.