Fireworks Sales Starting Out Slow This Year

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In a parking lot on Folsom Blvd., near 65th Street, JonPaul Jones sits in a fireworks booth, waiting for customers.  He’s only had a single buyer today, and says sales are down 50 percent from last year.
Jones: “We’re probably gonna lose 2 or 3, maybe $3,000 this year that we would have made that we just won’t.” 
Jones says that’s about half the budget for his charity, a Montessori school in East Sacramento.  He blames the economy, higher prices for his merchandise and Governor Schwarzenegger, who last week asked Californians not to buy fireworks this year due to dangerous fire conditions.
But down the street at 59th and Folsom, Shannon Blecha with the St. Mary’s Youth Group says sales are never too strong the first couple of days.
Blecha: “They’re a little slow right now, which is pretty typical before payday.”
Ben: “Does this concern you?”
Blecha: “No.  I’m not really concerned about it.” 
Blecha believes Sacramento residents will buy fireworks anyway because – as she says – it’s a tradition.