Doctors Hit by Medi-Cal Rate Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Family physician Dr. Carla Kakutani says her private practice near Sacramento will no longer take new patients on Medi-Cal - the state's low-income health care program. She says the costs will now be much higher than the reimbursement rates. But, she says 25 percent of the residents in her small town qualify for the program.

 Kakutani: “Thinking about people that I know, people that my kids go to school with, that are not going to have access is personally upsetting to me.” 
The California Medical Association, or CMA, says most doctors in private practice will not accept new Medi-Cal patients. And CMA says that will mean sicker patients, longer waits at clinics and crowded Emergency Rooms. CMA and the California Hospital Association are currently fighting the cuts in court.