Crime Spree Hits Natomas

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 30, 2008

Sacramento Police say during the month of June there were 15 home invasions and 14 armed street robberies in Natomas. 

"It is unusual to see a spike like this." 

Sergeant Matt Young is with the Sacramento Police Department. On Monday night, they held a public meeting to give residents an update on the investigation. So far, police have arrested about half-a-dozen suspects…all of them teenagers. 

But some residents blame the rash of crimes on a larger issue…the lack of a consistent police presence in Natomas.

Angelique Ashby moved to Natomas five years ago. She’s president of the Creekside Neighborhood Association.   

"The law enforcement infrastructure was never put in place and those goes for fire as well and so residents of North Natomas have long been dealing with crime and safety problems. And this recent spree is probably the worst I’ve seen it since I’ve been here." 

Police Sergeant Young says they’ve recently reinforced patrols. 

"We do have more police officers in that area than we have had in the past. It’s a growing area and our patrol officers are working very hard and they do a very good job." 

He says residents can help fight crime by being aware of their surroundings and watching out for any suspicious activities.