Air Resources Board Issues Plan for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 26, 2008
The plan focuses largely on transportation and energy. It requires utilities to get around a third of their energy from renewable resources such as wind and solar. Currently, it’s around 12-percent. The plan also puts in place a controversial “cap and trade” system— allowing bigger polluters to buy credits from other companies under the emissions cap. Bruce McLaughlin with the California Municipal Utilities Association says the cap and trade should be voluntary. “There’s about fifty public power providers in the state varying from five megawatts to six-thousand megawatts and so they can’t have a one size fits all program, there’s going to be various responses at each local utility to achieve it…” Another plan is to reduce the amount of carbon in transportation fuels by at least 10-percent by 2020. Air regulators emphasize this is just the first draft—and they’ll spend the rest of the summer fleshing out details—particularly in the cap and trade system. The final plan will be released late in the Fall.