Spay Neuter Issue Returns to Capitol

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Democratic Assemblyman Lloyd Levine says his goal is reduce the numbers of animals euthanized in local shelters. His previous measure would have required spaying and neutering of most cats and dogs. He calls his new version “three strikes and you’re out”. It’s aimed at animals that are the subject of complaints. “This says if your animal has been running loose on the street, biting somebody or has done a number of other violations three times you have to get that dog spayed or neutered. The cat provision actually is on the second strike…” Opponents turned out in force for the Senate committee hearing. “Mandatory spay and neuter does not work. It will not resolve this problem, it will only exacerbate it. That’s Bill Hemby. He’s the Chairman of PetPac—a group of pet owners. He says Levine’s bill could bring about unwarranted complaints from disgruntled neighbors. He says his group will continue to fight it. The measure is Assembly Bill 1634