Governor to Californians: "Don't Buy Fireworks"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
The Governor made the request in Big Sur – near the site of a forest fire that’s burned thousands of acres. “Don’t buy the fireworks. Don’t go out and play with fireworks because it’s just too dry and too dangerous to do those things.” Schwarzenegger’s Press Secretary says he hasn’t made any decisions about a possible statewide ban on fireworks….but is considering his options. State Fire Marshall-approved fireworks are currently legal in California. They’re the ones that don’t leave the ground or explode. But local communities can ban those – and many do. State Fire Marshall Kate Dargan says a statewide ban raises other questions, such as what would happen to all of the legal fireworks charity groups are preparing to sell across the state. She says the real problem around Independence Day is the more powerful illegal fireworks.