U.S. Forest Manager of California Confident State Can Beat Fires

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 24, 2008
The U-S Forest Service manager for California says enough firefighters are on duty to battle the 800 wildfires across the state. But, he says it’s too soon to say when the fires will be under control. Randy Moore says four-thousand people are currently working the fires…with an additional 12-thousand firefighters ready to take over. But, Moore says he’s pleased Governor Schwarzenegger has called in more crews from neighboring states. He’s confident the job will get easier over time… “The fires particularly the smaller ones…burn into each other…and we’ll have fewer fires…and then we’ll focus on intensity and complexity. When this happens…when it happens…we have the ability to draw resources from throughout the United States…from other forest service units…” Moore says he doesn’t want to seem too optimistic. There could be more fires on the way. The weekend weather forecast calls for continuing periods of “Dry Lightning” which is responsible for most of the fires burning right now. Officials say between 35 to 40-million dollars in federal funds have been used to fight California wildfires, and the season is only beginning.