Folsom Lake Level Dropping Fast

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 19, 2008

And that’s prompted marina officials to push up the deadline for boat owners to pull their vessels out of Brown Ravine to prevent damage.

It’s now July 2nd…a month earlier than last year. 

Ken Christensen is the marina’s manager. He says they originally planned on another August 1st “pull date”…   

"…but after March the rain just kind of quit. When we got into the end of April we had kind of figured about August 1st again being our worst case scenario. But things have just kept going downhill from there. And so now we’re at a July 2nd date." 

Right now, the marina has 675 boats in the water. Christensen says boats must be pulled when the lake’s elevation drops to 412 feet. 

One reason the levels are lower than usual – water is released from the lake to meet the needs of farmers and cities downstream.