Sacramento Same-Sex Couple Marries at City Hall

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Thousands of same sex couples will tie the knot in California today. It's the first full day that gays and lesbians can get married since the state supreme court overturned a ban on homosexual marriages last month. Marci Burba and Kelly Macallister will be among the first same sex couples exchanging vows today at Sacramento city hall. Marci and Kelly are still pretty excited about the May 15th court ruling… "Oh my god…it was so amazing…we…we screamed…” I meet the couple in the parking lot of a Petsmart in Rancho Cordova. That’s where they're getting their cocker spaniel "Bandit" groomed so he's looking spiffy in time for the wedding... “He needs a bath desperately…if you had smell-a-vision you could smell him…it’s pretty bad…he’s pretty rotten…” (They laugh) That's Kelly. She's 27 years old...and her partner...Marci is 46. Kelly works as an insurance adjuster and Marci is a photographer and she’s a team leader with a software firm. They play golf, go bike riding…attend rock concerts. If it sounds like they have a lot of fun…that’s because they do. They met about five years ago...while vacationing at the same hotel in San Diego. They were visiting from different parts of California. At the time...Kelly lived in Simi Valley...and Marci in Sacramento. After they first met...they kept in touch through phone calls and emails... “And, we talked to each other nearly everyday for that first year…until we both…we just new that it was okay to make that commitment to each other…” As time went by...they fell in love...and eventually…Kelly left southern California and moved to Sacramento to be with Marci. They didn’t want to register with the state as domestic partners…Marci says that doesn’t have the same meaning as marriage… "We’ve been waiting a long time now. I actually asked her to marry me two years ago...and so we've had a two year engagement now…” Marci and Kelly will be married on the steps of city hall in Sacramento. Kelly says the court ruling means she and Marci can get on with their lives…feeling good about themselves and their relationship… "It was vindication. And I feel like I'm finally free..." (Marci joins in here) "It was almost like a validation...and it was like so's real...and we're first class citizens...hopefully forever..." Marci and Kelly have been really busy the past few days getting ready for the wedding. They've been picking out what they're going to wear...they have rings that they'll give each other...and they plan to have a small get together after they exchange their vows. Mayor Heather Fargo will be conducting Marci and Kelly's wedding. They're friends with Mayor Fargo...who actually underwent ordination training...just so she could officiate their wedding, and a few others. Marci says its fitting the mayor conduct their wedding... “It’s all about equality...and the fact that we can have the same rights as anyone else. I mean I pay taxes…I drive the speed limit under the same laws as the government has laid out for everyone…so why can’t I have the same rights as everyone?” Kelly and Marci are keenly aware of the ballot measure in California this November that will allow voters to decide whether same sex marriages should be allowed to continue… “This isn’t harming anybody…what we’re trying to do. Really, we’re just trying to put a little love in this world…which I think frankly…there isn’t a lot of right now…” Kelly and Marci plan to celebrate their marriage over the summer by taking a vacation in Massachusetts.