Police Ready For Possible Gay Marriage Protests

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 16, 2008

Assistant County Clerk Wanda Clark says it’ll definitely be a day to remember. 

"Oh yes, I think it’s going to be very colorful. We’re expecting a lot of people. But we’re ready to serve all of our customers." 

Well over 100 same-sex couples have made appointments to pick up marriage licenses. On a typical day, the office deals with only about a dozen couples.

This all stems from the state Supreme Court’s controversial decision last month to legalize same-sex marriages. So far, there are no indications of any massive protests from anti-gay demonstrators.   

"We have not heard that there are any protestors but we are taking security precautions just in case." 

…including posting deputy sheriffs inside the County Clerk’s building and police officers outside the building.

Sergeant Matt Young is with the Police Department.   

"If someone is behaving in a criminal manner, that will be addressed appropriately. But at this time we don’t have any information of there being any disruption. In the event that there is though, we will be prepared." 

To accommodate the increased demand for marriage licenses, county officials have extended the hours of the Clerk’s Office this week. It’ll be open from 8 AM to 8 PM, Tuesday through Thursday.