It's a Runoff: Fargo, Johnson, to Continue Through November

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, June 12, 2008

The vote totals went up, but the percentages pretty much stayed the same: Johnson 46 percent, Fargo 40.  It takes 50 percent to win outright, so November, here we come.  Fargo says she’ll work hard to convince residents her vision of the city is working – and also to get her supporters to vote next time.
Fargo: “I really think we had a lot more support than was evident in the vote.  We’re only 4,000 votes apart in a city of almost a half a million people.  So the fact that it was such a low turnout – obviously, we need to make sure that our voters get out.” 
Johnson was not available for comment yesterday, but campaign spokeswoman Kris Deutchman called the results “a decisive show of support.”  Deutchman says Johnson will focus on the issues that matter to residents.
Deutchman: “Do they feel safe when they walk down the street?  Do they feel safe downtown?  Do they feel that they’ve got opportunities for jobs, opportunities for their kids to grow and thrive here in Sacramento?  That’s the future he can bring to Sacramento.” 
Both candidates have picked up support since the primary.  Third-place finisher Leonard Padilla threw his backing to Fargo on Election Night, while former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez will endorse Johnson this morning.