California Tomatoes Are Safe To Eat

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 10, 2008
The FDA says it’s okay to eat tomatoes grown in California. Today’s (Tuesday 6/10) announcement comes after dozens of people got sick after they ate tomatoes infected with salmonella in New Mexico and Texas. Officials say contaminated water may be the culprit. Ed Beckman is president of the California Tomato Farmers. He says for the past week…the FDA did an extensive inspection of the state’s tomato crop…and no evidence has been found. But beware…not all tomatoes sold in California are grown here. Beckman says if you’re not sure where the tomatoes you buy at the market come from…its best to be safe… “In this instance because of this strain of salmonella…the requirement is that its better to cook rather than just eat the raw tomato because the fact is the salmonella could be inside the fruit…” Most tomatoes grown in the state are usually identified by a sticker placed on the skin of the fruit. But, Beckman says it’s a good idea to ask your retailer if you’re not sure. California’s raw tomato industry generates between four-and-five hundred million dollars in sales each year.