Expensive Campaign Season Ahead

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 9, 2008

Sixteen million Californians are already registered to vote and more on the way.  Many are predicting a record turnout of those voters for the November presidential election.  Mark Baldassare with the Public Policy Institute of California says that’s a large number of voters to reach—and Baldassare says that means lots of ads will be crowding the airwaves.   

 “We don’t have any U.S. Senate elections, I’d be surprised if California becomes a battleground in the Presidential race this fall so for those initiative proponents and opponents, they can’t so to speak ride on the coattails on statewide candidates, they’re going to have to make the case on their own to the voters.…” 

And it’s likely that more measures will appear on the November ballot--  plenty are circulating.  The deadline to qualify citizen initiatives is June 26th