Debate Continues Over Term Limits in Nevada

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(Carson City, NV)
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
The Nevada Supreme Court is considering whether to review the constitutionality of term limits for some elected leaders in that state. More than a decade ago…voters in Nevada approved an initiative placing 12-year term limits on some offices in the silver state…including state lawmakers. Those term limits go into effect after the general election in November. But there’s some confusion over the rules and so Nevada’s attorney general…Catherine Cortez Masto wants a decision from the state supreme court. Some groups see this as a chance to overturn the initiative. Mary Lee is with the northern Nevada League of Women Voters… a non-partisan group … opposed to term limits. “They decrease the amount of experience and knowledge that you have in your legislative body…which then means that lobbyists and staff have a greater influence over the state legislature…” But supporters of term limits in Nevada say they’re needed to make elections more competitive and bring new blood to the legislative process. The Nevada Supreme Court is expected to decide sometime this summer.