Primary Primer: Sacramento Mayor and City Council

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, June 3, 2008

It’s pretty simple, actually.  There are seven candidates for mayor of Sacramento on the primary ballot, and any of them can win a four-year term tonight – with a bare majority of the vote.  That even includes Adam Daniel, who dropped out of the race early last month but whose name is still listed.  The six remaining candidates are Shawn Eldridge, Heather Fargo, Kevin Johnson, Richard Jones, Leonard Padilla and Muriel Strand.
If anyone reaches 50 percent tonight, that’s it, game over, they win.  If not … on we go to November – with the top two finishers advancing to a runoff.
Those would be the rules for the four city council seats up for election today as well, except for one little detail: Not a single one of the four incumbents on the ballot face a challenger.  So to Sandy Sheedy, Robert Fong, Kevin McCarty and Bonnie Pannell, congratulations!  When the polls close tonight at 8, you’ll have each won another four years at City Hall.