Low Turnout Expected: Competitive Legislative Races

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, June 2, 2008
Field Poll director Mark DiCamillo says this election may be one for the record books: “it’s likely to be a very dismal turnout – probably a record low turnout and might even be below 30 percent. I think the lowest primary election turnout in CA history is about 33 percent.” The reasoning? No statewide candidates and no ballot measures with wide interest. Plus, the more exciting presidential primary is already over. But for state lawmakers, this is usually the contest that matters most. Tim Hodson is Director of the Center for California Studies at Sacramento State. “there are a number of very interesting races going on at the primary level where it’s the primary election that’s going to largely determine who is elected in November.” He says that’s because the political geography – and the gerrymandering have made most districts non-competitive. Between the Senate and the Assembly, there are 100 primary races.