Candidate Profile: Heather Fargo

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

When Mayor Heather Fargo looks at the city she’s led since November of 2000, she likes what she sees.
Fargo: “I think a lot of people forget having to leave Sacramento and drive to San Francisco for major events, for having an important date and even a good meal.  And I look at the 50 new restaurants we’ve opened up in the central city in the last five years and the number of new hotels and special events that we offer throughout the city.  I think people feel very good about the city right now.” 
Which is why the mayor wants another four years to continue moving Sacramento in that direction.  She points to progress on K Street, at the Railyards, and in neighborhoods across the city, and says she’s worked with the city council and the community to make that happen.
Fargo: “People who are enjoying parks, community centers, libraries, who are enjoying the activities downtown, who like the walkable city and the tree canopy, the access to the river – that is my vision.” 
So what would Fargo do if she won a third term?
Fargo: “More flood protection; more jobs; more development downtown and on the waterfront as well as the Intermodal and the Railyards.  And I think, going green.” 
The mayor has challenged the business community to make Sacramento more sustainable.  And the city’s been working on a green building code.
Fargo certainly has her share of critics.  Groups from business to labor have said they don’t feel the mayor listens to them much.  She’s also faced criticism for her leadership style and some of her campaign tactics.
Still, more than half of Sacramento residents approve of the job Fargo’s done as mayor, according to the recent KXJZ News/Sacramento Bee poll.  On the other hand, only six in 10 of those respondents say they’ll definitely vote for her.  Most of the rest are still making up their minds.