Meet Sacramento Mayoral Candidate Shawn Eldredge

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, May 23, 2008
So, which candidate running for Sacramento Mayor has the best vision for the city? Shawn Eldredge says he does. KXJZ continues its series of reports on the mayoral candidates with a profile of political newcomer Shawn Eldredge. Eldredge says “if there ever was a grassroots campaign…this is what it looks like…” A native of the Sacramento area…he operates a construction business. Eldredge says his top concern is land use…and what he calls “intelligent development”… “Converting more farm land into sprawl housing that’s not near mass transit or job sources…is not very smart…” Eldredge says he wants Sacramento to do more to encourage developers to build in vacant lots…even if that includes imposing new fees to discourage unchecked growth… “it’s imperative that those builders keep building somewhere. I want them to build in-fill…I want them to build transit oriented projects…and I’m going to penalize them if they don’t and reward them if they do…” Eldredge runs down a list of goals he has for Sacramento while sitting outside a midtown coffee house. Two men walk up and say…”hey, good luck…you’re better than any of those others….and he says…thanks guys…and laughs” During the interview we’re interrupted by people on the street who recognize Eldredge. His long hair and rock band t-shirts get him a lot of Attention…especially in the field of six candidates…who look more like politicians. Eldredge says he likes to go against the grain…and as a republican…he may be doing just that by proposing a half-cent tax hike across Sacramento County…for mass transit and crime prevention. The election is June third.