Johnson, Fargo Meet For Televised Debate

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 22, 2008

Johnson and Fargo sparred on a number of issues, including jobs, education and transit. But the sharpest exchange came on the topic of downtown crime. Johnson said it’s doubled in the past decade. 

"People right now do not feel safe in Sacramento. We’re just as likely, in Sacramento, to get murdered as we are in the streets of Los Angeles that is not acceptable. And we’re much more likely to be rapped and robbed in Sacramento than we are in Los Angeles."

But Fargo said the crime rate’s been dropping under her watch.  

"Statistics alone don’t cover it all but it is a priority, we are putting the resources into it and we are making a difference. Part of what I’m hearing from a lot of people downtown is they’re very impressed at how much safer downtown is." 

Johnson said although he’s never held public office before, he has a proven track record of leadership heading the St. Hope charter school.

Fargo said she’s a consensus builder moving the city forward.

The KCRA/KFBK debate was the only one-on-one meeting between the two candidates.