In Fundraising, Johnson Has Big Lead Over Fargo

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, May 22, 2008

When Fargo won her first term as mayor in 2000, she had to beat a challenger who raised over a million dollars.  Now, she’ll have to do it again.
Johnson campaign documents show he raised $480,000 in the last two months.  Add that to his earlier contributions and Johnson’s $500,000 personal loan to the campaign, and he's now above the million mark.
Fargo brought in $165,000 over the same time period, bringing her overall total to $190,000.
But both campaigns are in the red.  Fargo has about $23,000 cash on hand, and owes almost twice that much.  Johnson has over $130,000 right now, but owes over $530,000 – most of it to himself.