Candidate Profile: Muriel Strand

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In a mayoral race that has seen accusations of sexual misconduct and lack of leadership bandied about…Muriel Strand has raised a hullabaloo of her own.

"Some people think it’s a controversial thing but there’s really no reason people can’t have chickens."

The retired engineer wants to change the city codes to allow residents to keep chickens for eggs. It’s all a part of her sustainability platform to make the city more eco-friendly.  

"For example, let’s change the codes so people can use composting toilets, let’s change the code to define the ways people can use gray water from all the fixtures in their house other than the toilet and pipe that into the garden for irrigation."

Ultimately, Strand wants to build eco-villages. What would that look like? She says the villages would have a relatively small number of dwellings surrounded by urban gardens…and some space for those chickens…so that each eco-village could be as self-sufficient as possible. Then, Strand says, you’d start to see a drop in the jobless rate and crime.

"If people are busy growing their food, they’re not going to have time to go out and commit crimes. And unemployment…we’ll be busy."

Besides sustainability, another issue close to Strand’s heart is getting people from all walks of life to talk to each other. She wants to open a hospitality center on K Street.

"Where you could find out all kinds of information about Sacramento and what is going on in the community and to meet other kinds of people from the community that they don’t usually talk to and have a chance to really meet them on a one to one basis."

But Strand’s main focus is building prototype eco-villages that she says would make Sacramento a model of sustainability for the rest of the world.