California State Parks

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
California State Parks are preparing for a busy Memorial Day weekend. But, a lot of people might not know they’re visiting an endangered place. KXJZ’s Steve Shadley reports… All 278 California State Parks…are on the list of endangered landmarks. They come in at number 11. That’s according to the “National Trust for Historic Preservation” which compiles a survey each year. State parks spokesman Roy Stearns says that’s because there’s a one-point-two billion dollar backlog of maintenance problems. Most pressing, he says…is the poor condition of aging plumbing equipment at public campgrounds..."our people do a lot of baling wire, band-aids and duct tape to make sure that the water treatment and sewage treatment plants stay in shape…” Stearns says he’s pleased Governor Schwarzenegger decided not to close state parks as part of his proposed budget. But, Stearns says the national survey should send a message that more support from lawmakers I need to get money to the parks.