City Okays Flag Display

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anti-war activists want to stake 120,000 red and white flags along the mall’s median this weekend to mark the deaths of US troops and Iraqi civilians. 

Last week, city officials said the median is not an appropriate place to rally. But Tuesday, activist Colleen Waylan urged council members to approve the display. 

"I don’t believe we should even be here today having to beg and appeal to exercise our First Amendment rights of speech."

Councilman Steve Cohn said he was worried about liability since the median has no sidewalks. 

"I would love to get this exhibit here in Sacramento. My concern is purely one of safety. I’ve never viewed that median as a place to gather."

So the council told city staff to let this rally take place and draft guidelines that would make the mall fit for future demonstrations.