CalTrans to I-5 Commuters: Start Your Planning Now!

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, May 19, 2008

The big I-5 construction project in downtown Sacramento will start Friday evening, May 30th -- when CalTrans shuts down the Northbound lanes from the downtown interchange to “I” Street.
But the first crucial test will come in two weeks -- Monday, June 2nd.  That’s the first time Northbound I-5 will be closed during prime commute hours.
CalTrans director Will Kempton says commuters should plan ahead.
Kempton: “The best thing folks can do is to stay away.  If you can go on vacation, if you can ride your bike, if you can take transit, if you can telecommute, if you can carpool – that’s what we’re asking the public to do.  Those are the best suggestions we can come up with to help minimize the impact to everybody’s commute.” 
If you have to go downtown, CalTrans is recommending several alternate routes – on other freeways and through the streets of Sacramento.